Tuesday, 29 November 2011

View from a coffee shop window

On the rare days I'm in our local town and Toddler is asleep I like to go and have a coffee and a quick bite in one of the coffee shops.  I nearly always get a comfy sofa seat by the window and it plays the kind of jazz I like.

On a recent trip out I was quite surprised by the number of school aged children I saw out with (I'm assuming) their parent/s.  If a child is off sick surely the last thing they should be doing is walking around a cold high street (one with a scooter in tow).

Another strange sight-an elderly man in full army fatigues, backpack and boots.  Where was he going?

Sunday, 27 November 2011

I don't know what I'm doing!

Like most things in my life I like to do a fair bit of research before embarking on any sort of encounter and blogging is no different.  I've had a look at a good few blogs now and have bookmarked the ones I like to read.  Having been inspired by those blogs and the fact that the netmums bloggers website is well designed and easy to use I thought I'd give the blogging thing a go.  Now I realise I have no clue when it comes to the actual design of the blog pages.  I know what I want to write about but considering my interaction with computers amounts to checking e-mail and looking at the CBeebies website with my toddler it is clear that I am woefully lacking in computery know-how.  Oh dear.  It can only get better.