Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The First Fall.

The snow was coming thick and fast at 06:30 when we woke up this morning. It was all very short lived though and virtually all gone by lunch time.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Coming to terms with a concept.

That concept is the Advent calendar. I wanted to get the Playmobil Christmas Post Office one for Toddler last year but completely missed the boat and by the time I actually got round to finding one they were like gold-dust and sold out everywhere I looked. So this year I've been organised (I've got nearly everything bought now) and I bought her one in plenty of time.

We didn't get round to getting it out of the box until the evening of the 1st. In the box you get another box which is the box that has the windows you open and you also get the backdrop. Every day you open one of the windows and inside there is a prop/toy that you can use to make the Christmas Post Office scene.

Him Indoors dutifully put the backdrop together and we asked Toddler to open the first window-A little postbox that opens and closes. Then...a meltdown. Toddler just couldn't get to grips with the concept of 'one door, one day' and got extremely upset. Toddler has two very distinct cries, one-'You've told me 'no' and I'm not having it' cry and two-'I am genuinely extremely upset' cry. On the evening of the 1st it was definitely cry number two. After five minutes Toddler was still really upset. After ten minutes she was still really upset. By this point I was getting really upset. What to do?

Him Indoors leapt into action with a very enthusiastic re-telling of The Nativity story with Baby's half-moon pillow shoved up his jumper for good measure when acting the Mary part. It did the trick and now Toddler is happy to come down each morning and ask, 'Can I open a window now?'

The Playmobil Christmas Post Office Advent Calendar-Day One.
Day One's present is the little red postbox.

Friday, 16 November 2012

To move or not to move?

The village is not very big (although compared to some it might be massive) and decent family-size housing stock can cost upwards of £600,000. We are most definitely not in the £600,000 bracket, we got a steal of a house at a good price due to the previous owner's relationship break-up (they wanted a quick sale) and the fact the house is on a busy main road. The developer who built our house in the 1930's also developed the road behind and that's where you'd have to have much deeper pockets than ours to buy a house.

My family never moved house whilst I was growing up and perhaps as a consequence of that I haven't stayed still since being an adult.  There was a time (when I was still at university and subsequently making my first steps in the adult world) that I calculated that I had moved 14 times in 3 years!!!! It's never been quite that crazy since.

Perhaps I'm a bit of a nomad at heart. I don't tend to get very emotionally attached to bricks and mortar. Home is where my family are ultimately. Whenever I move somewhere I feel like the custodian of the property rather than thinking it's 'mine'. 

Before we moved to our current house there was talk about moving to Kent where my mother-in-law lives. We even went to view some properties but nothing came of it. There is no more family in the village now other than my own, but a few good friends and lots of lovely locals.

Kent would realistically be the only place we would move to, to be near family-No moving to Devon or anything like that for us. I am aware that I do not want to move Toddler once she is in 'proper' school, so the window of opportunity to move is closing.

I love the village, the house is great, the schools are good, my friends are here, transport links are very good, I wouldn't have to drive the children everywhere as they got older...

So why do I still feel that tug to move occasionally?

Friday, 19 October 2012

Listography-Top 5 things I'd like to be reincarnated as

A bit late on Listography this time around as the lurgy got me earlier in the week and I've just been playing 'catch up' ever since. Anyway, down to business...

Thanks to Kate for another great 'Top 5...' How does she think of all of them?

Here's my Top 5

1.  Western political leader-just to see what really goes on.

2.  A butterfly-all that life packed into such as short space of time!

3.  A princess-to see how the other half live.

4.  A published author-they say that we all have a book in us somewhere-don't know where mine is!

5.  De Li from Waybaloo-that looks like a nice life.

If you'd like to link up and let the blogosphere know your Top 5 you can here.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Rain, rain, rain or I should've looked at the Met Office weather report before I left!

It rained on the school run today. Not poured, but a steady rain that eventually began to soak through my raincoat. Since the start of the new school year we have been trying to walk to the next town when Toddler has a morning session at pre-school. (I really should think of a new blogging name for Toddler as Toddler really isn't a Toddler any more.) We are fair-weather walkers I must admit and I normally check the forecast, but today I didn't. But every cloud has a silver lining-the children don't mind one jot about being under the raincover, they positively enjoy it. I know that a good few of my friend's children hate being under a raincover and will scream blue murder and try and rip the thing off. The other silver lining of the walk back this morning was a beautiful sight-A spider web, with said spider sitting right in the middle, the web bejewelled by raindrops. I tried to get a pic of it on my phone but it just wouldn't have come out. That beautiful little spider web made it all worth it.

My trusty e3 bought off ebay for a bargin price with everything included-some of the best money I ever spent.