Thursday, 9 February 2012

Am I being unreasonable?

So, I'm sitting on the sofa with Him Indoors (HID) innocently chatting about how disruptive I think the Olympics will be to friends who work in London when I ask-"So your friends who are coming over for the Olympics...Where are they staying?"  You've probably guessed right at this point but, bear with me, I'll give you some background...
When the Olympic tickets were being offered HID's friend applied with a view to Friend, HID and their two friends from Denmark getting together to enjoy the spectacle should they be lucky enough to get tickets.  They did get some tickets-to things like handball!!
Anyway, back to the sofa. "I've said they can stay here," HID says.  You can imagine the resulting 'conversation' can't you?  His motivation was that the Danish brothers had put him up twice before.  I'm all for repaying a favour but I pointed out that he had told me that both brothers' houses which they also share with young families were large.  Our house isn't tiny but it's a normal three-bed house with all bedrooms already occupied.  I tried to explain that my annoyance wasn't with the fact that the brothers would be staying but the fact that there was absolutely no consultation.  Baby is due at the end of the month, so will still be quite young, my mum will probably still be staying with us as she has come to help out with Toddler and Baby.  Then HID did that typical man response-"It's not definite, that's why I didn't mention it."  Oh dear!!!!!!

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