Monday, 30 July 2012

Listography-Top 5 things about the Summer hoidays

Listography is back and this time around it's about the Summer hols. Thanks to Kate for another great Listography idea. Here's my top 5...

1.  Not having to do packed lunches. I definitely need some inspiration for September! Toddler is quite fussy anyway and it depends which way the winds blowing as to whether she eats much or not.

2.  Not having to get into the car. I have a bit of a love/hate thing with driving. If there had been a pre-school in the village that would have suited Toddler I would have sent her there but as it goes we ended up deciding on a pre-school in the next town which is about a 45 minute walk away with the double buggy. Part of my get fit routine from September is to walk to pre-school at least once a week!

3. Being able to walk about in the village between 3:15pm-4:00pm without having to walk in the road/navigate hoards and hoards of teenagers. There are two secondary schools, one at either end of the village and it's just an absolute pain to walk around in the village at that time of day-I avoid it!

4.  Links to number 3...Being able to board a bus between 3:15pm-4:00pm without having to do battle with hoards of teenagers that don't know how to queue or board a bus without it turning into a mess.

5.  Being able to attend singing, dancing, gym groups that we normally wouldn't be able to attend due to pre-school. Toddler loves a good sing-song and a bounce so these groups really suit her down to the ground.

So, there's my top 5. If you'd like to join in just write your own post and then link up via Kate's blog.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A pox on this house...

Well, not a pox exactly but definitely illness. Of the one baby, one toddler and three adults who live here all of us to a greater or lesser extent is ill! What are the chances of five members of the same household being ill at the same time? We've all got this-it's worse than a cold, but it's not quite flu-thing! In spite of it all Toddler is doing really well with potty training. I decided that the summer hols. was the right time to tackle it. We started last Thursday and on Tuesday she had done both businesses in the potty. Considering she was adamant that she wasn't even going to sit in it until the Monday I think that's great going.

Looking forward to a healthy household sometime very soon.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rainy day play

It rained and rained and rained all Friday here. We could have gone out but in the end we just stayed in. Here are some of the activities Toddler got up to: Mummy 1 - T.V. 0

Happy Land Village

Artistic with the Noddle Doodles

Thanks to Stressy Mummy for the inspiration for this one ( A few plastic pots, some silicone cupcake holders, an enamel plate and some dry rice and pasta.

And today as it rained and rained-A trip to the Horniman Museum, South London (  Toddler having fun making music.

Playing the giant xylophone

Monday, 2 July 2012

The boy/girl thing.

The whole boy/girl thing has entered the house. Whilst watching the beginning of 'Rory the Racing Car' Toddler piped up, 'This is for boys!' I can only assume she was refering to the cars. I tried to explain that Rory was not just for boys but she was having none of it! 'They're toys for boys I think,' came the reply. I explained that she has two cars which she plays with and that Mummy drives a car and she's not a boy. She was still unconvinced. We don't actually watch Rory so we don't know the characters but suddenly there was a little pink girl car on our screen. Toddler was then convinced that Rory was indeed for girls and boys. I guess she's getting the whole boy/girl thing from pre-school and the world around her in general. We've never said that certain things are for boys/girls at home. Him Indoors is particularly particular regarding teaching Toddler everything he knows regarding D.I.Y etc. even at her young age. I can't do anything handy and he's determined that she doesn't rely on anyone to put up a shelf, paint a wall properly etc. She's got her own little (play) toolkit and has watched as the builders and then her Dad have transformed the rear of our house from a tiny kitchen to a full rear extension. I feel I'm waffling here a bit so I'll just leave you with a couple of photos...
Kitchen extension and dining room in foreground
Although not the same angle what it looked like with some finishing touches to be added