Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I like to think that the World has an order of balance about it in most things. Yesterday the World did a great balancing job with the people I came into contact with.

There wasn't much love in the village yesterday for me, Toddler or the tandem buggy I was pushing around. I've never known a day like it! It began when I was attempting to wrestle the raincover out from under said buggy and put it on. Two men (about 60-65ish I'd say) who could have easily walked around the other way made a big point of walking/squeezing past. Then in the little supermarket (where they seem to be perpetually stacking the shelves) an elderly lady tried to squeeze past Toddler whilst simultaneously saying excuse me and lifting her basket directly over the top of her head! Toddler was standing as far to the opposing side as she could, the aforementioned shelf stacking causing an obstruction as they had parked the cage of goods to be stacked on the other side of the narrow aisle. Honestly! If you're going to care enough to say "Excuse me" why not care enough to wait for someone to move. Then I had a woman actually huff at us whilst leaving the check-out, again clearly not having enough time in her day to wait the 20 seconds it would have taken us to vacate the space for her. "You must have been doing something wrong." I hear you cry. Letting Toddler cause chaos perhaps? Whizzing the buggy uncontrollably up and down the aisles and through the check-out? Honestly, no, there was none of that. Like I said-never known a day like it!

Now for the balance. On the way home a workman blocking the pavement moved his wheelbarrow and all his 'Men at Work' signs so I didn't have to cross the road. A lady stopped her car to let me cross when she didn't have to and the old man I've known since Toddler was a baby (when he mistook her for a boy-we had a denim blue buggy and I always dressed her in tops and trousers) blew me a kiss from the other side of the road.

Balance restored.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Popping Out

Those days are now gone when I just could
Pop out to the shops
Or nip out for some food
Every outing is now a military procedure
As I rush around in a hurried fever
Tissues or muslin I'm sure to forget
As I pack up the bag in a bit of a fret
Perpetually ten minutes late-it's what I'm known for
Right! Off we go! Popping out-it's done for!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Not the rock hard candy type that you get as a gift when someone you know comes back from the seaside or the ones you find at the beach but the one that becomes your ballast and safety when times become choppy.

A friend of mine is going through a bit of a time at the moment. She and her family are facing a bit of an uncertain future right now but she would never really talk about how it's affecting her. As far as I understand the situation she and her husband are both to blame (although she will say that all the questionable decisions have been his). Anyway, she's been my rock on a good few occasions and I only hope that she can open up just a little bit more and let me do the same for her.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Fun at Sacrilege 2012

Not as bizarre as it sounds! Sacrilege 2012 is an inflatable re-creation of Stonehenge by the Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller. It's on tour as part of the 2012 Festival and it's FAB! Check it out at http://sacrilege2012.co.uk/ Sooooo much fun and free to boot. Fantastically well organised and the staff are great fun and do a sterling job of keeping everyone safe whilst on the bouncy Stonehenge and entertained whilst waiting to get on the bouncy Stonehenge.

Toddler and I were extremely lucky to chance upon it on a fairly early jaunt to the local park and were part of the first group to go on. Sometimes when a chance thing like that happens it makes me feel very lucky indeed. (I don't ask for much in this World!)

If it's anywhere near you in the coming weeks I'd urge you to have a go. I'm not that fit and haven't done any exercise for ages but I bounced about like a mad thing for nearly all of the 15 minutes of time allowed per slot. Fantastic bouncy fun for all.

If Sacrilege 2012 is near you any time soon-Have a go!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

I know I'm tired when...

A friend of mine who has two under threes (like me) berated her sister who is a nurse not so long ago. The sister had mentioned how tired she was and my friend replied that she didn't know the meaning of tired. My friend's point to her sister was that, yes, although she has a tough and extremely responsible job as a nurse, on her days off she can sleep all day etc.etc. if she wants. You may already be ahead of me here but the sister doesn't have any kids and only has a flighty boyfriend to deal with (I think she lives on her own).

Anyway, we all make our choices in life.

I am embracing the tiredness at the moment and trying to be a happy tired (much like being a happy drunk I suppose). I know I'm tired when...

I can't string a sentence together. My speech is always the first thing to go. Writing/typing I can just about manage but forget any actual sense coming out of my mouth.

I've been staring at the same mug/spot on the carpet/child's toy for a good 3-4 minutes.

I've had to read the same sentence from my book/newspaper/magazine about 8 times and I still don't know what's going on.

I've been washing the same plate/fork/spoon for about 4 minutes and I don't even realise my sleeve is wet.

Yes, I'm definitely tired this evening.