Sunday, 22 April 2012

Listography-Top 5 wishes for my child

I really enjoy reading the Kate Takes 5 blog and this week's listography is another cracker. Top 5 wishes for my child...that's got me thinking.

1. Not to be downtrodden by the world. I think it can be quite easy to let things grind you down. I think I'm specifically thinking about bullying when I say this. Toddler is such a happy-go-lucky soul at the moment and it would break my heart to see this chirpy, sunny personality get chipped away by negativity.

2. To have great friends. I've really not been in that many 'situations' in my life but the ones I have been in I've been damn lucky to have the friends I have.

3. Health. Nuff said.

4. To keep a love of music. Dancing, singing  and instruments. If you can express yourself through one of these mediums, even if your not that proficient or talented, your world is a good place.

5. Success. In whatever-the big things, the little things, school, relationships, profession, cooking etc. etc.

Friday, 20 April 2012

OMG! Heart racing, head spinning.

OMG! I know in the grand scheme of things what just happened doesn't amount to much. Nobody was hurt, nothing was broken etc but I still feel quite sick at the thought of it! I had just added a photo on to my Blogger profile, was about to link up with Making it as Mum's Making it Home linky and a Blogger message popped up that my blog had been removed. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Oh no I thought. All those posts I thought. Toddler will never be able to read what I've written I thought. Don't know why I thought that last one as Toddler is just over two, can recognise words but can't, of course, actually read anything yet. I quickly shut down all the windows in the hope that logging on from scratch would do the trick. Of course it did, a verification code was sent and all is well again. Must have been due to me adding the photo to my profile. It's good that Blogger keep an eye out so to speak but my head is still a bit spinny even now. Then I thought about my reaction to this...Why should even the mere thought of losing this blog create such a reaction? 1. I suppose that I feel my blog is part of me as it contains my thoughts, feelings and experiences. 2. A bit of a dark one but if anything were to happen to me at least a little bit of me would be forever in the blogosphere as long as it existed. 3. It's mine, all mine and as a mother, daughter and wife there isn't much that's mine, all mine at the moment.

I'd better go and link up with the Making it Home linky before I forget.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

One step forward...

Today I am stressed. Not the ranting, stamping my feet stressed but the internal, slowly simmering under the surface stressed. I am a woman whose kitchen still isn't quite finished. Every conceivable worksurface is covered with bits of wood, pots of paint, boxes of screws and tubes of sealant-hardly the room to prepare a sandwich. Him Indoors has been working so hard on it and has saved us a lot of money into the bargin but it all seems never ending-it's been going on since September. We will have a lovely space when it's all finished so I can't get too bothered about it. The fact that I've got a horrible ulcer right on the side of my tongue so I can't eat without being in pain and I can't talk properly is probably adding to the stressy feeling. Roll on the day when the kitchen is complete-Then we go on to the dining room...



Saturday, 14 April 2012

April Goals-Update

I joined in with the Kate Takes 5 Listography on April goals earlier this month and I have to say it's not going well. My first goal was to increase my five-a-day intake and I'm still only managing two a day now at best. (Does strawberry jam-the really posh, expensive kind count as one of your five a day???) The only thing I've managed to make in my kitchen so far is fairy cakes and buttercream. (This sounds shocking I know, considering we are on the 14th April but as per 'What happened to me' I'm still recovering and Mum has been living with us and doing all the cooking and cleaning-God bless her!) I have managed to catch up with one of the two friends I've been meaning to catch up with and I have backed up my photos but only by default really...I was updating my phone and running a 'sync' via my laptop when my mother decided to take it upon herself to close the laptop therefore shutting the whole system down even though two minutes before the deed was done I'd expressly told her not to shut the laptop. As a result of the system shutdown all the photos on the phone were lost but thank goodness I'd backed them up to the laptop not five minutes before the phone was wiped. This then spurred me on to backing up all photos on the laptop to an external hard drive should anything else happen. Finally the whole 'active outdoors' thing is coming on slowly but surely-a couple of walks to the village and to the park so far and lots of trips to medical appointments which can't really be classed as 'the great outdoors' but I guess it's a start.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One of the best things...

One of the best things that has ever happened to me happened to me yesterday evening. I reckon I'm quite lucky as lots of good things have happened to me so far but this little thing that lasted mere seconds ranks up there with the best of them. Sitting on the sofa Toddler took my face in her hands, looked up at me, smiled and said, "I love you Mummy" completely independently and out of nowhere. I don't really have the words to describe how I felt but I had the biggest smile on my face after those few seconds.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Listography-April Goals

Thanks to Kate from Kate takes 5 for making me actually sit down and think about some goals for myself. It's been SO long since I've thought about any goals for myself. I've thought about goals for Toddler-No I'm definitely not a Tiger Mum, Toddler's goals have been more like-try the big slide in the park. Goals for the house-must get kitchen finished. Etc. etc.

Hmmmm...goals for myself-here goes...

1. Must improve my 5-a-day number. At the moment I'm getting about 1-poor show I know.

2. Actually try out some of the recipes I spend so much time reading.

3. Catch up with two friends I've been meaning to catch up with for ages.

4. Back up my photos. I must have loads that if (God forbid) anything were to happen to my laptop would be gone for good.

5. Get more active in the great outdoors.

I've got my doubts about numbers 1 and 4 but I will try. Perhaps sticking this list to my fridge door might help.