Friday, 19 October 2012

Listography-Top 5 things I'd like to be reincarnated as

A bit late on Listography this time around as the lurgy got me earlier in the week and I've just been playing 'catch up' ever since. Anyway, down to business...

Thanks to Kate for another great 'Top 5...' How does she think of all of them?

Here's my Top 5

1.  Western political leader-just to see what really goes on.

2.  A butterfly-all that life packed into such as short space of time!

3.  A princess-to see how the other half live.

4.  A published author-they say that we all have a book in us somewhere-don't know where mine is!

5.  De Li from Waybaloo-that looks like a nice life.

If you'd like to link up and let the blogosphere know your Top 5 you can here.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Rain, rain, rain or I should've looked at the Met Office weather report before I left!

It rained on the school run today. Not poured, but a steady rain that eventually began to soak through my raincoat. Since the start of the new school year we have been trying to walk to the next town when Toddler has a morning session at pre-school. (I really should think of a new blogging name for Toddler as Toddler really isn't a Toddler any more.) We are fair-weather walkers I must admit and I normally check the forecast, but today I didn't. But every cloud has a silver lining-the children don't mind one jot about being under the raincover, they positively enjoy it. I know that a good few of my friend's children hate being under a raincover and will scream blue murder and try and rip the thing off. The other silver lining of the walk back this morning was a beautiful sight-A spider web, with said spider sitting right in the middle, the web bejewelled by raindrops. I tried to get a pic of it on my phone but it just wouldn't have come out. That beautiful little spider web made it all worth it.

My trusty e3 bought off ebay for a bargin price with everything included-some of the best money I ever spent.

Meal Planning Monday

Even though I've been absent from Meal Planning Monday for two weeks I've been keeping up with the planning but I just haven't had the time to put it on the blog. There's been loads to do on the house (we've been extending the kitchen and giving the whole of the back of the house an overhaul) but now that Toddler is safely at pre-school and Baby is happy on the playmat I can get on with my entry for this week...Except that this week I haven't done my usual look through my cookbooks and come up with my plan from them. I sort of formulated a plan as I walked up and down the aisles of the supermarket yesterday. So here goes...

Monday: Spaghetti Bolognese (I bought some unusual and multicoloured pasta shapes so hopefully Toddler will think that's great.)

Tuesday: Casserole

Wednesday: Butcher bought burgers, homemade chips and beans

Thursday: Something with chicken-I'm at a loss as I type-Any ideas gratefully received!

Friday: Lemon Sole parcels

Saturday: Whatever my mother-in-law serves up for my youngest sister-in-law's 18th

Sunday: Rotisserie chicken, new potatoes and salad

So that's it. I wonder what Saturday will bring?