Monday, 3 December 2012

Coming to terms with a concept.

That concept is the Advent calendar. I wanted to get the Playmobil Christmas Post Office one for Toddler last year but completely missed the boat and by the time I actually got round to finding one they were like gold-dust and sold out everywhere I looked. So this year I've been organised (I've got nearly everything bought now) and I bought her one in plenty of time.

We didn't get round to getting it out of the box until the evening of the 1st. In the box you get another box which is the box that has the windows you open and you also get the backdrop. Every day you open one of the windows and inside there is a prop/toy that you can use to make the Christmas Post Office scene.

Him Indoors dutifully put the backdrop together and we asked Toddler to open the first window-A little postbox that opens and closes. Then...a meltdown. Toddler just couldn't get to grips with the concept of 'one door, one day' and got extremely upset. Toddler has two very distinct cries, one-'You've told me 'no' and I'm not having it' cry and two-'I am genuinely extremely upset' cry. On the evening of the 1st it was definitely cry number two. After five minutes Toddler was still really upset. After ten minutes she was still really upset. By this point I was getting really upset. What to do?

Him Indoors leapt into action with a very enthusiastic re-telling of The Nativity story with Baby's half-moon pillow shoved up his jumper for good measure when acting the Mary part. It did the trick and now Toddler is happy to come down each morning and ask, 'Can I open a window now?'

The Playmobil Christmas Post Office Advent Calendar-Day One.
Day One's present is the little red postbox.

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