Sunday, 17 June 2012

Photo round-up (or Lazy mummy way to blog).

Oh dear...where does the time go? Near enough every day I say to myself, "Must get on with my blog, haven't written anything for ages," and then it's bedtime and another day has passed and I haven't done a thing except look after the house and children. Very important jobs I hear you say and yes they are but surely I must be able to fit something else into the day? I think my time management skills need a serious looking at. To that end this post will be a series of photos taken over the last few weeks that I could have turned into independent posts but just didn't have the time to. Here goes...

Rain, rain go away.

Onwards and upwards with the house renovation-next job to tackle-The Dining Room.
The 'Dorothy the Dinosaur' balloon that cost more than a King's ransom.

Rainy day art work.
Street party fun with Toddler A.K.A. Her Maj.

The Village gets into the Jubilee spirit.


  1. Not lazy at all looks like you have been really busy and having lots of fun by the look of the photos. If you are not finding the time don't stress maybe do silent sunday post each week one photo no words linky x

  2. Hi Catherine. Thanks for your post. Time just seems to be flying at the mo! Gonna drop by your blog now and see what you've been getting up to.