Monday, 2 July 2012

The boy/girl thing.

The whole boy/girl thing has entered the house. Whilst watching the beginning of 'Rory the Racing Car' Toddler piped up, 'This is for boys!' I can only assume she was refering to the cars. I tried to explain that Rory was not just for boys but she was having none of it! 'They're toys for boys I think,' came the reply. I explained that she has two cars which she plays with and that Mummy drives a car and she's not a boy. She was still unconvinced. We don't actually watch Rory so we don't know the characters but suddenly there was a little pink girl car on our screen. Toddler was then convinced that Rory was indeed for girls and boys. I guess she's getting the whole boy/girl thing from pre-school and the world around her in general. We've never said that certain things are for boys/girls at home. Him Indoors is particularly particular regarding teaching Toddler everything he knows regarding D.I.Y etc. even at her young age. I can't do anything handy and he's determined that she doesn't rely on anyone to put up a shelf, paint a wall properly etc. She's got her own little (play) toolkit and has watched as the builders and then her Dad have transformed the rear of our house from a tiny kitchen to a full rear extension. I feel I'm waffling here a bit so I'll just leave you with a couple of photos...
Kitchen extension and dining room in foreground
Although not the same angle what it looked like with some finishing touches to be added

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