Saturday, 4 August 2012

Fun at Sacrilege 2012

Not as bizarre as it sounds! Sacrilege 2012 is an inflatable re-creation of Stonehenge by the Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller. It's on tour as part of the 2012 Festival and it's FAB! Check it out at Sooooo much fun and free to boot. Fantastically well organised and the staff are great fun and do a sterling job of keeping everyone safe whilst on the bouncy Stonehenge and entertained whilst waiting to get on the bouncy Stonehenge.

Toddler and I were extremely lucky to chance upon it on a fairly early jaunt to the local park and were part of the first group to go on. Sometimes when a chance thing like that happens it makes me feel very lucky indeed. (I don't ask for much in this World!)

If it's anywhere near you in the coming weeks I'd urge you to have a go. I'm not that fit and haven't done any exercise for ages but I bounced about like a mad thing for nearly all of the 15 minutes of time allowed per slot. Fantastic bouncy fun for all.

If Sacrilege 2012 is near you any time soon-Have a go!

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