Thursday, 2 August 2012

I know I'm tired when...

A friend of mine who has two under threes (like me) berated her sister who is a nurse not so long ago. The sister had mentioned how tired she was and my friend replied that she didn't know the meaning of tired. My friend's point to her sister was that, yes, although she has a tough and extremely responsible job as a nurse, on her days off she can sleep all day etc.etc. if she wants. You may already be ahead of me here but the sister doesn't have any kids and only has a flighty boyfriend to deal with (I think she lives on her own).

Anyway, we all make our choices in life.

I am embracing the tiredness at the moment and trying to be a happy tired (much like being a happy drunk I suppose). I know I'm tired when...

I can't string a sentence together. My speech is always the first thing to go. Writing/typing I can just about manage but forget any actual sense coming out of my mouth.

I've been staring at the same mug/spot on the carpet/child's toy for a good 3-4 minutes.

I've had to read the same sentence from my book/newspaper/magazine about 8 times and I still don't know what's going on.

I've been washing the same plate/fork/spoon for about 4 minutes and I don't even realise my sleeve is wet.

Yes, I'm definitely tired this evening.


  1. I know I'm tired when I put a bottle of juice in the c,earning cupboard and a bottle of Milton in the fridge!

  2. I'm feeling so tired that I can't even think of any entertaining examples right now!