Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Up to speed

Just a quick update from the homefront and my progress into the blogosphere.

* I'm thrity weeks preggers on Tuesday.  Trying to keep the gestational diabeties under control and deal with the dysfunctional pelvis.

* The kitchen extension and refurbs of the two back bedrooms are nearly finished.  We haven't even picked out a kitchen yet or worked out if we can afford one!  Him indoors will be laying the floor, fitting the kichen and doing the tiling and painting.  Should be done this time next year then.  The house is still in quite a bit of chaos so our Christmas decorations consist of one string of fairylights and one little Father Christmas hanging under the mantlepiece and our potted Christmas tree from last year with a string of fairylights on the front porch.  The lights I got for that are great actually.  I used and bought a string of outdoor fairylights on a 6 hour timer.  So easy to use, just one click to turn them on when the light is fading and that's it until the next day.

* Toddler has not been well.  At least she hasn't had to be hopitalised like to of her friends with high temperatures and needing blood tests.

As for my first tentative steps into the blogosphere-I'm going to read somemore blogs and look at sites like Britmums and Tots 100 to see what they're all about.  Also got to learn how to add photos to the blog and add a little profile picture.

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