Wednesday, 18 April 2012

One step forward...

Today I am stressed. Not the ranting, stamping my feet stressed but the internal, slowly simmering under the surface stressed. I am a woman whose kitchen still isn't quite finished. Every conceivable worksurface is covered with bits of wood, pots of paint, boxes of screws and tubes of sealant-hardly the room to prepare a sandwich. Him Indoors has been working so hard on it and has saved us a lot of money into the bargin but it all seems never ending-it's been going on since September. We will have a lovely space when it's all finished so I can't get too bothered about it. The fact that I've got a horrible ulcer right on the side of my tongue so I can't eat without being in pain and I can't talk properly is probably adding to the stressy feeling. Roll on the day when the kitchen is complete-Then we go on to the dining room...




  1. Bless you i know the feeling it feels all the more stressful i think when renovating with kids and trying to save pennies doing it yourself. It will look fantastic when you have finished and you will be so proud of the self effort i promise. Im so pleased you want to link up your posts im not sure why but you comments are only coming through on email not going on my post i will investigate for you xx
    I could not find you on twitter im @theroomset if you tweet and have any questions xx

  2. Thanks for that Catherine. It's good to know there's support out there in the blogosphere. I'm pretty new to the blogosphere and haven't really got a clue regarding techie things so I'm not on Twitter. I'll have to investigate and see if I can learn how to use it!