Saturday, 14 April 2012

April Goals-Update

I joined in with the Kate Takes 5 Listography on April goals earlier this month and I have to say it's not going well. My first goal was to increase my five-a-day intake and I'm still only managing two a day now at best. (Does strawberry jam-the really posh, expensive kind count as one of your five a day???) The only thing I've managed to make in my kitchen so far is fairy cakes and buttercream. (This sounds shocking I know, considering we are on the 14th April but as per 'What happened to me' I'm still recovering and Mum has been living with us and doing all the cooking and cleaning-God bless her!) I have managed to catch up with one of the two friends I've been meaning to catch up with and I have backed up my photos but only by default really...I was updating my phone and running a 'sync' via my laptop when my mother decided to take it upon herself to close the laptop therefore shutting the whole system down even though two minutes before the deed was done I'd expressly told her not to shut the laptop. As a result of the system shutdown all the photos on the phone were lost but thank goodness I'd backed them up to the laptop not five minutes before the phone was wiped. This then spurred me on to backing up all photos on the laptop to an external hard drive should anything else happen. Finally the whole 'active outdoors' thing is coming on slowly but surely-a couple of walks to the village and to the park so far and lots of trips to medical appointments which can't really be classed as 'the great outdoors' but I guess it's a start.

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