Monday, 30 January 2012

The greys have got me!

How did this happen? When did I get so old? I've pulled out a few 'grey' hairs over the years but they looked more like they'd been bleached by sunlight than actually proper white hair. I have now pulled out about six grey hairs in about two or so months!  I've always had very dark hair and I've never dyed it apart from a phase during my nine months at teacher training college where I suddenly decided it was a good idea to go for blond highlights (didn't look bad actually). I don't really know where I'm going with this post save the fact that the greys are coming and I don't know when they'll strike next. Going to have to talk to my hairdresser about colour options...


  1. Oh Village Mama, I've got the same problem!! I'm currently sporting a nice inch-long grey root regrowth, really noticeable on the top above my fringe!!! Not a good look!! My first greys came about 10 or so years ago just before my thirties, but were just a few white strands nicely hidden under the rest of my hair at the sides of my head - now however they've really taken hold and stand out like white beacons against my black hair and have spread to - all over really!! (My head that is!) Only last year I had to succumb to permanent hair dye at the hairdressers - semi-permanent or tints and foils just don't cut the mustard!! Shall book an appointment for this week as hair also hasn't had a cut since September - so soon shall indulge in feeling a bit glam for a few weeks until the little white blighters start to show through again! Chin up!! :))

    1. Dear Suze
      Thanks so much for your comment. Damn greys! I've got the same thing as you where they appear but at first they're hidden. I wonder how long it'll take for the next one to show itself!!!

  2. Thanks Village Mama for reading my Blog too! Enjoying your posts too - blogging definitely is good therapy isn't it! Keep us posted on the greys situation - my grey regrowth is actually more than an inch long on closer inspection! - Ooohhh!! On that note, I've thought of something to add to my blog.....take care for now!!