Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Toddler's first session at pre-school

Yes, today was the day.  When the pre-school phoned in November and told me that Toddler could have a place three afternoons a week my first thought was-"Thank God I won't have to rush around in the mornings!"  This morning I felt a bit sick but that could be because I'm 33 weeks preggers and didn't have that much to eat for breakfast.

We've been all very positive and the pre-school gave Toddler a lovely little picture book of shots of the school and teachers and a space for photos of me and Him Indoors (HID) to go; so it's all been very positive.

The look on Toddler's face as I was leaving said it all. Wide-eyed and looking over her shoulder at me I knew she was going to take it hard.  The pre-school phoned with an update about an hour later and said she'd been, "...a bit teary." and could I come a bit earlier to pick her up. When I arrived she'd fallen asleep in the 'Reading Corner'.  All was well and funnily enough Toddler has been very positive about pre-school for the rest of the day.  On the way home she was chattering about her teachers and asking me if I knew what all their names were. When we got home the first thing she wanted to do was put her school smock on (she didn't take it off for about an hour). When HID came home she was telling him all about it, put her smock on again and said she was " Cinderella."!  Toddler clearly has mixed feelings about the whole experience.  I'll keep you posted.

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