Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Once bitten...

Oh well, it had to happen sometime, and it did.  Last week I looked up to see Toddler's middle three fingers in the grip of an older child's teeth.  By the time I got to the children, only about 2 meters away, it was all over and Jaws had let Toddler go.  Ashen-faced Jaws' Mummy rushed over to see what had happened, she looked as though she were going to cry.  I was shaking as at first glace it looked like Jaws had bitten Toddler quite hard.  My G.P. Mummy friend told me to look at the injured hand to which she got a curt, "You're the doctor, you look at it!"  It looked worse than it actually turned out to be because there wasn't even any bruising and no broken skin thank goodness.  Jaws' Mummy was quite upset but we can't watch our children every second of the day can we?


  1. I have sadly been the mother of the biter and can totally relate to the ashen-faced shaky mother. My son has never bitten in front of me but he did bite another child on the first day of nursery and when they told me I felt like I was going to be sick, I was so mortified. You sound lovely to be so understanding about your child being bitten :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It's great to get comments, especially being so new to the blogosphere. Will have a look at your blog too.

  2. Aaah that is horrible! All children seem to go through a biting phase, but it is not pleasant and I have always been horrified if mine ever bite! Hopefully it won't happen again!