Saturday, 26 May 2012

It's nearly finished!

Today I'm linking up with the lovely Catherine at Making it as Mum for the Making it Home part of her blog. Catherine knows about all things home and knows how to make a space work-oh, how I wish I did!

Well, the kitchen is nearly finished. It has taken ages! (The work started back in September) Him Indoors has done most of the work all by himself saving us thousands. (My friends are quite envious of having a handy husband-"My husband would call someone in to change a fuse" was a comment from one friend.)

Purple splashback. I wanted a 'statement' colour here as everything else is very safe and neutral. We'd originally chosen a blue/purple but they sent this one by mistake and I'm so glad they did as when we held up the blue/purple sample against this one we realised that colour would have dragged the whole thing down. Thank you renovation Gods! The beauty of this is because it's just screwed to the wall it can be changed at any time. (I will definitely NOT be changing it any time soon.)

Behind 'the tower' is the boiler and cylinder-a huge thing that looks very complicated to me. Anyway, Him Indoors built the housing and put the doors on. At some point, when time allows, but sooner rather than later we'll spray paint the bottom two doors with blackboard paint so we and Toddler can let our creative juices flow. Toddler loves drawing and mark-making so that should be right up her street. Also it's at the opposite end of the kitchen from the cooker, so well away from any danger.

If you've got a renovation, decoration or interiors post you'd like to share you can link up to the Making it Home section of Making it as Mum here.

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  1. I love love love the purple splash back you are doing a fantastic job i would definately say you do know how to make a space work xx You are very lucky having a handy hubby mine is quite good at the little bits but i have had to had the builders in for the big stuff. Thankyou for linking up can't wait to see your next instalment.
    Catherine xx