Friday, 25 May 2012

Oh is jab day.

Today is jab day...I hate jab day. Immunisation, inoculation, jab. Baby will be having his second lot of jabs this afternoon. I get quite shaky normally but today will be even worse as this is the set that Toddler had a reaction to. When Toddler had these jabs the right side of her face was affected. It was if someone had drawn an invisible line right down the middle of her face and everything to the right of that line was affected. Her eye and right side of her nose and lips swelled. By the time the doctor saw her the swelling and redness had subsided to almost back to normal. An appointment with the consultant followed which didn't clear up the cause of the reaction unfortunately. The nurse spoke to me at Baby's first jabs appointment regarding Toddler's reaction. I said I was happy to go ahead with the second set of jabs as I know he won't necessarily react the same way and Toddler has not reacted to any jabs since. The consultant also mentioned that it might have not been the jab and could have been some sort of external irritant and the timing was just coincidental. Still hate jab day though.

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