Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Right now I love...

Ah, my poor neglected blog, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day! So I thought I'd do a 'Right now I love...' series of posts to get my blogging mo-jo back. I'll include all sorts-it could be a product, t.v. programme, book, place to visit etc.etc. Any products I include, unless otherwise stated, will be things that I've bought for myself or others or that I just have around the house.

So let's kick off with Right now I love Chessington World of Adventures in the rain. Him Indoors had booked a day off recently and, yes, it turned out to be one of the wettest days we've had so far this year. He'd booked the web pre-school offer which, as I understand it, is non-transferable so we had to go and it was great! It was tipping down by the time we got there and there were just a few cars in the car park so we got to park right by the entrance. The lady at the entrance told us that because it had been raining for more than an hour we'd be able to use our tickets again for entrance on another day under their 'Rainy Day' policy. Basically, if it has rained for more than an hour they log the day in their system as a rainy day, they let you keep your original ticket and all you have to do is look on the website to see when you can go back under the terms of the policy. I imagine the list of available dates to go back will be restricted, I've yet to have a look, but nevertheless I think it's a great idea.

We had the park more or less to ourselves but there were enough people there that there was still a good atmosphere. No queueing or waiting around for anything and at all the shows we were at the front with an unrestricted view.

It was a fantastic day despite the awful weather, but it didn't rain the whole time. We thought that we wouldn't get to see the mammals due to the rain but we managed to see most of them. Typically, about 4:30pm when most people were getting ready to go the sun broke through the grey clouds and it was beautiful.

One thing I would suggest to take, that we didn't, if you think it might rain whilst you're there take a couple of small hand towels to wipe down seats.

Chessington World of Adventures in the pouring rain-Love it!

The fascinating 'Bearcat'-it smells of popcorn-honestly!

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