Thursday, 17 May 2012

A lot can happen in six-and-a-bit years

I can't remember what sparked this thought this morning-tiredness + 'baby-brain' does not a good memory make! Anyway, I started thinking what had happened to me over the past few years and at first I didn't think it was much but as I thought I realised there was quite a bit going on...

Summer 2005-Move to Spain with long-term partner after having broken up and getting back together about 18 months previously.

Winter 2006-Break up with said long-term partner.

Summer 2007-Return to UK.

Spring 2008-My Dad died.

Summer 2008-Meet Him Indoors.

Spring 2009-I am pregnant with Toddler.

Summer 2009-Move into flat with Him Indoors.

Winter 2009-Toddler is born.

Summer 2010-Move into house.

Spring 2011-Move into current house.

Spring 2011-I am pregnant with Baby.

Winter 2012-Baby is born.

So, yeah, a lot can happen in six-and-a-bit years!


  1. Ain't that the truth! That's one of the reasons it's nice to have a blog and a space to reflect sometimes :)

  2. Definitely! Thanks for dropping by. Love your blog. Just wish I had a little more time for the blogosphere!